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memento oblivisci

remember to forget

MEMENTO OBLIVISCI - _ila_'s iconjournal
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mementoblivisci is the icon/graphic journal of _ila_.

My favorite fandoms are 24, Prison Break, House, Lost, CSI, Cold Case, but I can icon pretty much everything. Besides icons, I might also post my photos, collages, wallpapers, and maybe drawings and some goodies like brushes, fonts, ect.

If anyone is wondering what the name of this community means, "memento oblivisci" is the latin for "remember to forget", which is open to interpretation.

This is a close community. Don't ask to join, just add this comm to your "watch list".


1. When taking an icon, please leave a comment
2. Credit either mementoblivisci or _ila_
3. Do not hotlink
4. Do not edit the icons
5. Textless are not bases

Feel free to friend this journal.


Resource post.

Layout codes by _excentric_



Wanna be? Comment somewhere or email me.