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006. fanmix: a Nina Myers mix


"A Beautiful Lie" - 30 Seconds to Mars

Lie awake in bed at night / and think about your life / Do you want to be different? / Try to let go of the truth / the battles of your youth/ 'cause this is just a game /
It's a beautiful lie / it's the perfect denial / such a beautiful lie to believe in/ so beautiful, beautiful it makes me... /
It's time to forget about the past / to wash away what happened last / hide behind an empty face / don't ask too much, just say / 'cause this is just a game /
Everyone's looking at me / I'm running around in circles, baby / a quiet desperation's building higher / I've got to remember this is just a game /
So beautiful, beautiful...

"Whatever" - Imogen Heap

And I, I hate ya for / for letting me fall for you / just like a fool /
And now I'm all psyching out / 'cause all we're about / is this ugly phone and it's all I have / to look forward to /
Dreaming, of you lying in my bed / just like how we were just days before / oh just leave me just get out of my head / 'cause i can't take this torture any more /
You're so far away, yeah / why are you so far away / from me

"Worn Me Down" - Rechael Yamagata

Gone, she's gone / how do you feel about it? / That's what I thought / you're real torn up about it / And I wish you the best / but I could do without it / And I will, because you've worn me down / oh, I will, because you've worn me down /
Worn me down like a road / I did everything you told / Worn me down to my knees / I did everything to please / but you can't stop thinking about her / no, you can't stop thinking about her /
And you're wrong, you're wrong / I'm not overreacting / something is off / why don't we ever believe ourselves? / And I, oh, I feel that word for you / And I will, because you've worn me down / oh, I will because you have worn me down /
She's so pretty, she's so damn right / but I'm so tired of thinking / about her tonight

"Tired" - K's Choice

Show me where you found your faith and / does it help you sleep at night? / I am not that complicated / I just need some time / because it doesn't feel right / and I'm mostly very tired /
Life is easy when you fake it / right until you realize / your happiness is unrelated / to anything you have inside /
And it doesn't feel right / And I'm mostly very tired /
Every chance I get to distract myself / I won't try to convince myself / that there's anything for real or / that we're sure of what we feel /
Quiet time is underrated / I still can't stand to be alone / that might be why I'm so unstable / barely able to hold on

"Simon" - Lifehouse

Catch your breath / hit the wall / scream out loud / as you start to crawl / back in your cage / the only place / where they will / leave you alone / 'cause the weak will / seek the weaker til they've broken them / could you get it back again? / Would it be the same? / Fulfillment to their lack of strength at your expense / left you with no defense / they tore it down /
Locked inside / the only place / where you feel sheltered / where you feel safe / You lost yourself / in your search to find / something else to hide behind /
The fearful always preyed upon your confidence / did they see the consequence / when they pushed you around? / The arrogant build kingdoms made of the different ones / breaking them 'til they've become just another crown /
Refuse to feel anything at all / refuse to slip / refuse to fall / can't be weak / can't stand still / you watch your back 'cause no one will / you don't know why they had to go this far / traded your worth for these scars / for your only company / and don't believe the lies / that they have told to you / not one word was true / you're alright...

"Good luck" - Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa Kekaula

Tell me tell me is life just a playground / think you're the real deal honey / and someone'll always look after you / but wake up baby / you're so totally deluded / you'll end up old and lonely / if you don't get a bullet in your head / You sold me sold me / sold me down the river now / hope you're feeling happy now / now you'll always have a sneer in your smile /
And I'm glad so glad that I'm done with you / no more crying crying leaving me so black and blue / you backed me up against the wall but I stand tall / don't give a damn no more /
Oh baby bye bye / no more lies / no more lies / no more lies / without you /
Enjoy your nightmares honey / when you're resting your head

"The widow" - The Mars Volta

And I hear him every night / in every pore / and every time he just makes me warm /
Freeze without an answer / free from all the shame / must I hide / 'cause I’ll never never sleep alone /
Look at how they flock to him / from an isle of open sores / he knows that the taste is such / is such to die for / and I hear him every night / on every street / the scales that do slither / deliver me from... /
Said I’m bloodshot for sure / pale runs the ghost / swollen on the shore /
Let me die / 'cause I’ll never never sleep alone

"She's always a woman" - Billy Joel

She can kill with a smile / she can wound with her eyes / she can ruin your faith with her casual lies / and she only reveals what she wants you to see / she hides like a child / but she's always a woman to me /
She can lead you to love / she can take you or leave you / she can ask for the truth / but she'll never believe you / and she'll take what you give her, as long as it's free / yeah, she steals like a thief / but she's always a woman to me /
Oh, she takes care of herself / she can wait if she wants / she's ahead of her time / Oh, and she never gives out / and she never gives in / she just changes her mind /
And she'll promise you more / than the Garden of Eden / then she'll carelessly cut you / and laugh while you're bleeding / but she'll bring out the best / and the worst you can be / blame it all on yourself / cause she's always a woman to me /
She is frequently kind / and she's suddenly cruel / she can do as she pleases / she's nobody's fool / but she can't be convicted / she's earned her degree / and the most she will do / is throw shadows at you / but she's always a woman to me

"I try" - Macy Gray

Games, changes and fears /when will they go from here? / when will they stop? / I believe that fate has brought us here / and we should be together, babe / but we're not / I play it off, but I'm dreaming of you / I'll keep my cool, but I'm feigning /
I try to say goodbye and I choke / try to walk away and I stumble / though I try to hide it, it's clear / my world crumbles when you are not near / Goodbye and I choke / I try to walk away and I stumble / though I try to hide it, it's clear / my world crumbles when you are not near /
I may appear to be free / but I'm just a prisoner of your love / and I may seem all right and smile when you leave / but my smiles are just a front / just a front, hey

"Lucifer's Angel" - The Rasmus

Behind those eyes lies the truth and grief / behind those beautiful smiles I've seen tragedy / the flawless skin hides the secrets within / silent forces that secretly ignite your sins /
Fly away, fly away / from the torch of blame / they haunt you / the Lucifer's Angel / Never lived, you never died / your life has been denied / they call you / the Lucifer's Angel /
Beyond these clouds you can hide all your tears / beyond this world you'll be safe from their wicked fears / and in their hearts they fear your demands / you know their minds won't accept you, they'll never understand /
On your own I know you can make it / truth or bone I know you can shake it / survive alone I know you can take it /
Fly away, fly away / Run away, run away / Hide away, hide away / Lucifer's Angel

"Let me go" - 3 Doors Down

One more kiss could be the best thing / but one more lie could be the worst / and all these thoughts are never resting / and you're not something I deserve /
In my head there's only you now / this world falls on me / in this world there's real and make believe / and this seems real to me /
You love me but you don't know who I am / I'm torn between this life I lead and where I stand / and you love me but you don't know who I am / so let me go / let me go /
I dream ahead to what I hope for / and I turn my back on loving you / how can this love be a good thing / when I know what I'm going through? /
And no matter how hard I try / I can't escape these things inside I know / when all the pieces fall apart / you will be the only one who knows

"Shadowman" - K's Choice

Any time tomorrow a part of me will die / and a new one will be born / Any time tomorrow / I'll get sick of asking why / sick of all the darkness I have worn / any time tomorrow / I will try to do what's right / making sense of all I can / any time tomorrow / I'll pretend to see the light / I just might / Shadowman / Oh here's the sun again / isn't it appealing to recline / get blinded and to go into the light again / doesn't it make you sad / to see so much love denied / see nothing but a shadowman inside /
Oh no, let go of my hand / oh no, not now I'm down, my friend / You came to me anew / or was it me who came to you? / Shadowman /
Oh, if you're coming down to rescue me / now would be perfect / please, if you're coming down to rescue me / now would be perfect

"Like suicide" - Soundgarden

Heard it from another room / eyes were waking up just to fall asleep / love's like suicide / dazed out in a garden bed / with a broken neck lays my broken gift / just like suicide /
And my last ditch / was my last brick / lent to finish her / finish her /
Bit down on the bullet now / I had a taste so sour / I had to think of something sweet / love's like suicide / safe outside my gilded cage / with an ounce of pain / I wield a ton of rage / just like suicide /
With eyes of blood / and bitter blue / how I feel for you / I feel for you /
She lived like a murder / how she'd fly so sweetly / she lived like a murder / but she died / just like suicide

"All of this past" - Sarah Bettens

Here I go again / slipping further away / letting go again / of what keeps me in place / I like it here / but it scares me to death / there is nothing here /
The light is beautiful / but I'm darker than light / and you are wonderful / but this moment is mine /
All of this dust / all of this past / all of this over and gone / and never coming back / all of this forgotten / not by me /
I find comfort here / 'cause I know what is lost / hope is always fear / for the pain it may cost / and I have searched for the reason to go on / I've tried and I've tried / but it’s taking me so long / I might be better off / closing my eyes / and God will come looking for me / in time /
I can see myself / I look peaceful and pale / but underneath / I can barely inhale / I can hear myself singing that song / over and over until it belongs to me

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